Beating a Very Dead, Very Gay Horse

With the recent SCOTUS mini-steps (and they are mini) on marriage equality, the inevitable Republican response is…well…inevitable. I know we all have our hopes that the GOP will just let the issue drop, but that’s a pie in the sky that we will never witness.

Yesterday as the announcements were coming out, the backlash started with Justice Scalia. His dissent wasn’t even written in the language of law, it was written in the language of a bigot who’s discrimnatory dreams didn’t come true . Instead of talking about how this was actually not a just interpretation of Constitutional Law, he was railing against homosexuals, and our evil homosexuality. He actually whined (though his language is more in the vain of screaming) about how decriminalizing homosexual sodomy ten years ago was the beginning of equality, and he knew it, he just knew this terrible day would come, when fags would be making small steps towards full equality.

The very same day, some Republican douche bag in Congress (I am at a bistro with no wifi, so I can’t find his name…I believe it’s something like Gomert) vowed to introduce a Federal Marriage Amendment into Congress this week!! Rush Limbaugh is vowing to marry his chair or some nonsense, and Pat Robertson is looking for gay staffers in the offices of the Justice Kennedy to prove there is en evil gay bias afoot in the Supreme Court. And God bless Michelle Bachmann who’s just concerned for the children…and now that we have recognized gay marriage in the states where it’s legal, like her home state Minnesota, her husband may close his pray-away-the-gay clinic and marry one of his clients.

A number of neo-cons are calling this a victory for the anti-equality movement. They are comparing it to the passing of Roe v. Wade, saying, “look how energized we have been since that case. We still haven’t let the issue drop.” That’s true, they haven’t. However, even the rank and file Republicans, and many in the party have conceded that full marriage equality is going to happen, it’s just a matter of when.

I have no doubts these people won’t let the issue drop. It’s not because they are actually coming from a place of genuine moral outrage, they are just running out of internal enemies. The world is not scared of feminists any longer; we got through desegregation decades ago; they have lost the last two presidential elections, and with the most recent, a number of seats in Congress, and anti-marriage equality measures on every ballot on which they appeared. The outmoded fear of Socialists and all things foreign is just not a wedge issue any longer. Eighty percent of people under 30 believe marriage equality should be the law of the land.

To that I say, “HA!” Being of the millenial generation, I know that a lot of things are inevitable, marriage equality among them. I also know that real action on climate change is going to happen, one way or another, and that there will be a reclaiming of our country’s ailing democratic safe guards.

Yesterday was not as historic a step as is being bandied about–they only struck down one section of DOMA, and kicked Prop 8 out, they didn’t rule on it. So, we still have a long battle facing us. These crazies are not going to let the issue go; they have to hate someone, so gays, immigrants, arabs and muslims and women, we’re all lumped into one category: the enemy, which can be called: smoke-screen. There will be attacks on us personally, physically and against the legal victories we’ve scored. Let us just remember, my evil, hurricane causing, dog fucking, pedophilic brothers and sisters, they are victories and they are ours.

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