Be Careful

All over the world right now there is a back lash happening.  Gay men are being beaten, and murdered in New York City and Paris—traditionally uber gay cities.  Just this morning I read about a 19 year old gay activist being beaten brain dead in Paris by skin heads.  Why is this gay bashing escalating?  Because our fight for equality is proving victorious.

It is a fascinating time not only to be alive, but to be queer.  To have opportunities that a generation ago were thought impossible, and to watch in our own short lives as homosexuality is decriminalized, civil unions and gay marriage are adopted in rapid fire succession, and Ellen becomes perhaps the most popular woman in America is nothing short of miraculous.  And we’re paying for it.

This is really a letter of warning.  As equality becomes more and more of a reality the fear and hate of people on the far right is going to escalate.  I’m not saying let’s hole up and hide out.  I’m just saying, be careful out there.  Keep an eye on each other, OK?

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